Yellow Horizon: War of the Auras (The Aura Series Book 2)

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She may not have taken damage from the stab thanks to her aura, but she sure as hell felt it. I'm fairly certain we were told that aura only protects you from the damage, not the pain from being hit. So she is technically okay, though she'll be in a bloody lot of pain once the fear and adrenaline wear off. I have a feeling that Roostereeth is going to pull some Telltalegames crap with Roman and Neo, Making it seem like a character died by putting them in a situation that looks like no one could get out of,making it seem as if they're for sure dead, then the next season comes around and surprise, there they are.

Let me get this straight. You got called away, forgot to pause, and when you came back, you just kept watching instead of rewinding to see what you missed? Why would you do that? No, seriously, why would you do that?

Okay, so Velvet's little toy isn't quite as much as the hype built it up to be No big shocks there. But she can still pull some pretty impressive little party tricks with it. It's a heck of a weapon for a supporting character! Ruby's fight - Not bad at all, considering! Okay, she took a beating, but she was dishing a few good shots out herself. She didn't lose, but she hasn't had to shed her innocence by killing yet.

It got taken care of by a little quick thinking, and by Roman's ignorance of well-known villain tropes. Never rant over an apparently fallen and defeated enemy. It never ends well!

The Foretelling

Neo becomes a Paratrooper? It reminded me of the old Bond movies There's always a henchman with an unusual weapon or attribute, and it always gets turned against them in the end. However, this is the girl who teleported herself off the train in "No Brakes". Which of course, is a definite out of the fire scenario for Roman. He gets swallowed Grimm dies very shortly afterward. Grimm dissolve upon dying. High probability that he survived that.

Now there's just the pesky crashing and exploding ship to worry about. If only he knew someone who teleports. Oh wait Now, this leads to a pet theory of mine. The person behind Cinder, and the plot to gain the Fall maiden's power is the power behind the throne of the White Fang. Blake said that Adam had changed. But what changed him?

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Or, more to the point, WHO changed him? My current bet is Summer Rose for the big bad. Because if so, then one day Ruby will have to face her mother, and either defeat or redeem her. Meantime, Adam has become the new sick evil bastard. Hell, he makes Mercury, Emerald, Cinder and Roman all look well adjusted and mentally balanced. You have to have some serious screws loose, if you are going to start stabbing and trying to decapitate someone who you keep calling "My Love". So, Yang isn't going to be playing the piano any time soon.

And if they can rebuild a sizeable portion of Ironwood, fixing Yang's arm will be a snap.

Maybe she'll even get a few optional extras built in! Cinder vs Ozpin - My money is on the Mighty Oz, and whoever turns up to play the cavalry. Cinder has the Fall Maiden's power, so even if she gets driven off, she scored a partial victory, and a big one at that. Whatever the outcome, the teams have a lot of rebuilding to do in Volume 4.

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They have to rebuild the city, they have to rebuild people's trust in the hunters, and in Beacon. They'll be hunting whatever villains are left standing at the end of 3. And they will still have all the issues that have carried over from the beginning! I'll have to go back and compare for Weiss, but they did something similar with Glynda this season.

I don't know if it's the model, or the facial rigging, tbh. But it's been annoying me. And of course they completely re-did Lisa Lavender's face. I'm pretty sure we've already established in the admin group that Roman's status is going to be changed to something to the nature of "Eaten", not "Deceased", since he was swallowed whole , rather than being ripped to pieces, so there's a chance he can come back.

This indicates that the writers are not done with Roman yet, so it's possible that he's not dead. Herald of meridian - Personally, the reason I'm so hyped about this is because, fucking finally , the villains are being villains and the Grimm actually seem like a problem, rather than just fish in a barrel.

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It should've been like this in the first place! I, too, was underwhelmed by Velvet's weapon, and I'm not even sure how it works. I guess somehow using the same Dust that Weiss uses for the cyan laserbeams and shockwave shields? They really should've used I May Fall elsewhere. Whenever I listen to that song, I always imagine this really big battle that's a collaborative effort of the characters, and everything looks like they have a small chance of winning but they're willing to die trying.

I agree with Warren, it could've been used for a collaborative attack against the wyvern or something. I May Fall was used in the wrong place It would have fit. What is "it"? Is it "the plan" Roman said before the Ruby'line? Does this line mean "What's the purpose of your plan? These lines I can't understand at all. Dose this line mean "There is something near us always.

Dose this line mean "She said you Ozpin are so elegant. She was right. Such arrogance. You really are arrogant. Remember, in Beginning of the End, there was a part where it sounded like Cinder was talking on the phone or something. Lisa Lavendar had a few things done for sure.

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow has visible golden halo in electromagnetic image of her aura.

I have noticed that the animations and design elements have defefinitly gotten better in the past few episodes. I haven't noticed Glynda's changes, I'll have to go back and rewatch a few. But Weiss's eyes just look different.