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Everything that the Father has is mine; for this reason I told you that [the Spirit] will take from what is mine and declare it to you. Jesus describes his union with the Father and Spirit as one of having everything in common. If the Spirit dwells in us, then we are invited to be guided and motivated by the very same divine knowledge, emotion and will — in a word, by divine love.

Get the best of NCR delivered to your inbox! Sign up here. Those who were baptized at Easter were baptized into the life of the Trinity and initiated into the eucharistic meal that sustains us in living out our baptismal commitment. The celebration of the Trinity has long seemed like a primary idea feast, focusing our attention on the mystery of three persons in one God. What is important is that we realize that we are called to enter into the very life of the Trinity, to share in the eternal love that flows within this primary community of persons we call Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In recent years, numerous theologians in the Western church have helped us to understand a perspective that has been maintained in the Eastern church throughout history — God became human so that humans could become divine.

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Planners and preachers need to study and reflect on this revived theology if they are to help the assembly to enter fully into this celebration and to enter more fully into divine life. What is needed is less of an intellectual response and more of a response of love.

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The first reading today also suggests another helpful insight. Wisdom speaks of being present at creation.

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Tradition has seen Christ as the wisdom of God. The Christ is the pattern God had in mind. As Christ is both human and divine, so we humans are called to share divine life. Jesus is the incarnation of the Christ, the model for all of us to follow in order to share fully the divine life of love.

Because this solemnity falls in Ordinary Time, you will find the prayers in the Missal after the 34th week of Ordinary Time.

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The readings can be found in the Lectionary in a similar place, but they are preceded by Alleluia verses for Ordinary Time. Introduction Relationships — even genetic ones — are a mystifying reality, and the best efforts to explain them are often poetic. Penitential Act. Show us how we can contribute to a world in need of love, peace and hope through our individual actions and our efforts as a loving community. Make us signs of your mutual love shown through Jesus, in whose name we pray.

Send your thoughts and reactions to Letters to the Editor. Learn more here. Join now. Column Scripture for Life. Trinity Sunday. All the Names of Love May 22, McGlone, CSJ. This article appears in the Cycle C Sunday Resources feature series. View the full series.

Trinity XVI – Dedication Sunday

Prayers: Trinity Sunday By: Joan DeMerchant Introduction Relationships — even genetic ones — are a mystifying reality, and the best efforts to explain them are often poetic. Christ Jesus, you shared this deep relationship with your disciples and with us: Lord, have mercy. Lord Jesus, you give us faith and love, hope and truth to share with others: Lord, have mercy.

Fifth Sunday of Easter May 19, Fourth Sunday of Easter May 12, Third Sunday of Easter May 5, Second Sunday of Easter Apr 28, Join the Conversation Send your thoughts and reactions to Letters to the Editor. Enter your email address to receive free newsletters from NCR. The awareness and conviction of the presence of God within us, gives us the strength to face the manifold problems of life with Christian courage.

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How privileged we are to grow up in such a beautiful Family! Hence, let us turn to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in prayer every day. We belong to the Family of the Triune God. The love, unity and joy in the relationship among the Father, Son and Holy Spirit should be the supreme model of our relationships within our Christian families.

Our families become truly Christian when we live in a relationship of love with God and with others. Just as God is God only in a Trinitarian relationship, so we can be fully human only as one member of a relationship of three partners. The self needs to be in a horizontal relationship with all other people and in a vertical relationship with God.

In that way, our life becomes Trinitarian like that of God. Like God the Son, we are called upon to reconcile, to be peacemakers, to put back together that which has been broken, to restore what has been shattered.

A House Blessing and the Holy Trinity – SoulFully You

Like God the Holy Spirit, it is our task to uncover and teach truth and to dispel ignorance. Trinitarian spirituality is one of solidarity between and among persons. It is a way of living the Gospel attentive to the requirements of justice, understood as rightly ordered relationships between and among persons. Antony Kadavil. He says that the mystery of the Holy Trinity teaches us that there are three distinct Persons in one God, sharing the same Divine Nature. Proverbs ; Romans ; John Introduction: The mystery of the most Holy Trinity is a basic doctrine of Faith in Christianity, understandable not with our heads but with our hearts.

The three angels wear different colored garments representing their distinct role in the relationship of the Trinity. Viewed left to right, the angels represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The oak tree behind the angel reminds us of the tree of life in the Garden of Eden as well as the cross upon which Christ saved the world from the sin of Adam.

The third angel is wearing a blue garment divinity , as well as a green vestment over the top. A chalice sits at the center of the table representing both the literal meal the strangers were invited to and the table of the Eucharist we are invited to. It appears the Holy Spirit points towards an open space at the table, perhaps as an invitation to each of us, to all, to sit at the table—to be welcomed and received as Christ.

Most people pass right over it, but some art historians believe the remaining glue on the original icon indicates that there was perhaps once a mirror glued to the front of the table. The observer. Ironically, or providentially, a nail hung on an empty wall near where we opened our gift, so I placed the icon on it. It is the perfect place for it—in our living room where friends and family gather, and at the entry to our kitchen where most entertaining takes place.

Holy Trinity Sunday is celebrated in many churches this weekend. Thomas : This icon, which is used to depict the Holy Trinity, originally was meant to show the three Divine visitors to Abraham Gen The topic of hospitality, that we find as we combine these texts lent itself so well for the homily preached by my former novice master, Fr.