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Having yet another opportunity to work for Duea Films in the sound department was too good of an offer to pass up. This would be the fifth film I worked with them on and my last. I was flattered as I started out as a sound assistant then did some boom operating before they offered me the role of Sound Mixer. Pretty much the same crew was back together again and it was a horror film which made it a very enjoyable experience once again.

Starring Mark Benninghoffen. Website is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks for your cooperation. Click on any photo above to enlarge the image. The Room Next door. Other Films Learn More. Noises Learn More. Hawk Jones Learn More. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Learn More. Sinister Tales Learn More. Field Of Dreams Learn More. Bix Learn More. An American Love Learn More. They were in the kitchen.

The place was set up like an office, four or five slim silver laptop computers out and plugged into the wall, wires everywhere, flowing over sheets of paper printed with numbers.

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A pot of coffee wafted high-class aromas from its place on the counter. A tube ran from the jug down into a kind of tray beside it. Bob looked down at the kitchen table where the computers were, and saw his neighbors. They were tiny. A man and a woman, in business suits, she in tiny high heels, standing next to a computer keyboard that came up to their knees. Or a radio turned down really low. The woman smiled. Her hair was really neat, that fancy ponytail bun thing like the women in the offices Bob did the inspections for.

Offices fifty storeys in the sky. I could hear you from next door. I thought it was the radio. Jim turned to her and spread his hands. You know. Hedge fund managers. The tube from the coffee pot ran into the tray, and in that he saw miniature cups, dollhouse stuff he guessed, filled with the black liquid. She faced Bob and folded her arms over her neat white blouse and pinstripe coat.

Woke up like this. Maybe the curse was not so bad after all. I tell you though, the Dolls House Emporium has fashion sense from the eighties. He was feeling queasy. Their tiny voices and their obvious imprisonment in the apartment—what did they do, jump on the keyboards to type? The guy always fighting with his girlfriend? She fought with him, more like. And offloaded her cat.

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He gave an elaborate shrug. Bob grunted.

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  5. This place was giving him the creeps. He drained his coffee cup and put it up on a high counter. It would be nice if you could lend us a hand some time. Maybe—pick up that redelivery I mentioned? Bob hesitated.

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    They were miniature, sure, and they were screwed by the curse, sure, but they were bankers. When he was outside, he balled it up and tossed it on the floor. Bob woke late, feeling hungover. The covers were over his face. He hated that. He fought with the sheet for a while and eventually threw it aside. At least now it would be a fair fight.

    That was it. He clambered to where his phone lay on his enormous pillow, and in a series of laborious skids across the touch screen, dialed his ex. She would pick up and come right over. It was the least she could do. The bed juddered, sending quakes through the mattress. Bob stumbled in a fold of the sheet, and fell. He got up, cursing, and turned back to the phone. Then he stopped, and became very still. A rippling burr of satisfaction filled the air, along with a scent of cheap catmeat.

    And resting on the phone, claws easing into the attack position, was an enormous ginger paw. Sef is a lifelong writer from the UK.

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    She won a national writing award at age sixteen, and promptly did nothing about it. Nowadays, she writes fantasy and reimaginings of classic tales, and is active in the Write Practice community. On her website she offers wry creative guidance. She is currently working on her first book, a humorous fantasy.

    The radio in the room next door

    If you ever choose to, it could become an interesting novel. David of Dogpatch. Fun read.

    WALLS OF DARKNESS (Subtitled)

    It really reminded me of something you might see on Twilight Zone, which is a good thing in my mind. Great story!

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    What a twist, definitely not what I was expecting when he went to his neighbors. It also has a very satisfying ending. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

    No reply. He knocked again, and rang the bell.

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    Still nothing. Maybe they really did switch the radio on and leave for twenty hours, the selfish— He pushed the door a little and it opened. There was a radio, but it was switched off. He chortled. He might as well.