The Fifth Witch of Zandor: The Dosinian Curse

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A harlot, a loose woman.

The Herculoids

A slut, hussy. An unfaithful husband. A home wrecker. A licentious man. A fool; also, the game of love. A little fool. A fair and good maiden. To ponder. Fresh, young. Flabby, limp. Hospital for indigents, lepers, etc. Physically impaired, paralyzed.

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Time-wasting chatter. Bawdry; unchastity; lewdness. Deceit, fraud. The Triolet The triolet is an eight-line verse. Lines 7 and 8 repeat lines 1 and 2; line 1 is also repeated as line 4. The rhyme scheme isa-b-A-a-b-A-B; the metric system is iambic tetrameter. O try, O try A triolet to win your pet! O try, O try a triolet! O try, O try! What blame is hers who love doth lend If love be fine, as some contend? The sin is when the kisses end — The fault in love is spurning. When I was hungered, short of do-re-mi, You offered introductions — credit — gin — The shirt from off your back, come lose, come win; Your eyes were wet from selfless sympathy.

The Fifth Witch Of Zandor

I woke next morning, gulped down aspirin, And found you gone, and gone your charity. Also my wallet, credit cards, and key. I was a stranger, and you took me in. The Rondelet The rondelet, a verse of seven lines, generally has a purport similar to a tickle on the inner elbow, or the dropped handkerchief of your great-great Aunt Jane. The rhyme scheme isA-b-A-a-b-b-A. The Rondel The Roundel The rondel, an outgrowth of the triolet, com- The roundel, an eleven-line verse derived from the monly nowadays has thirteen or fourteen lines, two rondel, was introduced into English verse in the rhymes, two stanzas, and a one- or two-line refrain, nineteenth century by Algernon Swinburne.

The fourth and eleventh lines form the refrain, There are thirteen rhyming i ines in the ron deau, a repetition of the first two syllables of the opening with part of the flrst line used twice as a re f rain. Do you in a thumbnail sketch? Do you in? Suppose I say how shamelessly you sin — How far from paths of virtue you agley go? All right, though, if you wish it.

No ebony is black enough You brushed off my phonetics book — Dismissed it as a bit of fluff. How sad, how sad that I must say I shall not save the world today!

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Today I fell in love with you. How sad, how sad! Let victims weep, let villains prey! We two Will trade our kisses anyway. The following version of the rondeau has seven- teen rhyming lines in five stanzas, of which the last four conclude with a steadily shrinking refrain. The rhyme isa-a-b-b-a;a-a-b-R;a-a-b-R; a - a - b -R; a - a - b - R. Fresh Escargots? Palourdes Farcies? Coquille Saint-Jacques? Bisque de Homard? Or Soupe de Trois Filets? Fruits de Mer? Escallopines de Veau?

Filet mignon? Or Demi-Grain Grille? Paillard de BoeufVert-Pre? With Flaut-Brion? Or Flaut-Lafitte?

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Or Crepes Flambees? And Cafe Filtre, after Pousse-cafe? The Rondeau Redouble The rondeau redouble has five quatrains of four iambic pentameter lines each, with a sixth of three iambic pentameter lines followed by an iambic dimeter. The first line of the first stanza recurs as the last line of the second; the second line of the first stanza as the last line of the third; the third line of the first stanza as the last line of the fourth; and the fourth line of the first stanza as the last line of the fifth.

The last line of the sixth, concluding stanza repeats the opening of the first line of the first stanza.

A bit compli- cated, but fun. Get gets around. Get also gets the air; Gets after; gets it in the neck; gets set. Get gets off easy. Prince, marvel at all these: the get of get! Get gets a wiggle on; gets off the ground; gets wet; Gets wise to; gets the gate; gets here; gets there; Gets wind of. You bet, Get gets around! Get also gets the air. Get gets the worst of; sometimes gets unfair; Gets after; gets it in the neck; gets set. Get gets my number; gets me in a fret; Gets on my nerves Get gets along; gets by; gets lost; gets rare; Gets better.

The jump on Get gets my back up; gets me into debt. Get gets the ax. Me off. Get even gets the clothes I wear. It is made up of five tercets and a final quatrain — a total of nineteen lines. Lines one and three of the first tercet are refrain lines, repeated alternately as the last lines of the succeeding stanzas. The final four-line stanza closes with the two refrain lines. The first of the following villanelles is in trochaic tetrameter, the second in dactylic tetrameter. Each intent on his affair, Snake and mole and hare go by On the hill in Graveyard Square.

Earth, diaphanous as air, Opens heaven to my eye: None recalls that I am there. Never emberlucock or inpuregafize your spirits with these vain thoughts and idle concepts. And where did we hail from ourselves, you and I? Some gossips may hint that a swan has been here! With myrrh bark the dad of Adonis did lie; Minerva popped out of a migraine chimere. Jehovah shaped Eve from the rib of her guy, While Venus from foam undertook her career.

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We call for the Author, but hear no reply; The future is mist, and the past is unclear. The words are repeated several times. Often used in hymns but by no means confined to them, the kyrielle consists of any number of four-line stanzas, the first three lines in iambic tetrameter and the fourth which is unchanged throughout the verse generally in iambic dimeter. The rhyme scheme is a -a - b - B. I laid it out, and there it lays — To God the praise.

When I was new and young and dense. My friends deplored my want of sense. But, sense is silliness these days — To God the praise. Confounded by my flabby thighs.