The Fiery Furnace (The Dayspring Adventure Series Book 2)

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Aitchison, Esq. Arthur S. Cooley, Ph. We are also especially indebted to Prof. Henry D. Sleeper, head of the Music Department of Smith College, for the charming airs to which he has set some of the poems for children in the first volume. On the literary side the editors wish to acknowledge their indebtedness to Miss Esther M. Carver of Northampton for suggestions from her experience as a teacher, to Miss Caroline M. Yale and Miss Frances W. Gawith of the Clarke School for the Deaf, to Prof. Charles F.

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Richardson, and Prof. Fred P. Clyde W. Votaw of Chicago University, Mr. We are much indebted to President George T. Angell for suggestions for the chapter, "Little Brothers of the Air and Fields," in the first volume, also to a very wide circle of friends for their interest and for valuable suggestions, many of which have been incorporated in the work. The help of various versions of the Bible is also acknowledged, as well as the version of the prophets by George Adam Smith.

Thanks are rendered to Messrs. Charles Scribner's Sons, E. Theodore E. Perkins, and Charles Ray Palmer, D. Without the co-operation of these and many other friends we feel that so large a measure of excellence as we believe the volumes possess could not have been attained. The editors have endeavored to make this volume a treasure house of all the good things, new and old, which would serve to assist in the moral training of little children. The volume includes a Primer, arranged on the plan of the ordinary school primer, designed to give the elemental religious truths in the simplest form.

Any child who is learning to read at school can learn also to read these sentences.

Uncompromising Faith

The texts at the bottom of the pages are to be read by the parent to the child, and may with profit be committed to memory by the child. The short Bible stories which follow may also be easily read by children. The hymns and poems and most of the pictures are "classic. Parents will be pleased to find the fine old hymns of Watts and Jane Taylor, some of them set to delightful music by Prof.

Sleeper of Smith College. These poems should not be allowed by neglect to pass out of the possession of modern children. It is hoped that this volume will go far toward solving the problem of Sunday afternoon occupation for children, and will meet the constant demand for such a collection of religious literature.

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I love my mother. I love my brother. I love my sister. Very poor at first, he afterward gained wealth and fame by his masterly work, which made him an artist of the first rank.

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My father loves me. My mother loves me. God loves me.

God is my Father. I love God. I have a home.

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I have a father. I have a mother. God gives me my father. God gives me my mother. God gives me my home. God gives me all I have. See the grass. I see the grass. The grass grows. The grass is green. I see the green grass. God makes the grass. God makes the grass grow. God makes the green grass grow.

I see a flower. The flower is a lily. The lily is white.

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I see a rose. The rose is red. I have a lily and a rose. I love the lily and the rose. Have you a flower? I have a white flower. God loves the flowers and makes them grow. Jean Baptiste Camille Corot was a famous painter of landscapes. He was born at Paris, and while his work was not at first appreciated he is now recognized as one of the greatest of the French school.

Do you see the bird? It is a sparrow. The sparrow flies. The sparrow makes a nest. It makes a nest in the green grass.

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See the nest in the grass! See the sparrow fly! God loves the sparrow. God is sorry when the sparrow is hurt.