The Budapest Gambit

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The Budapest Gambit

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The Budapest Gambit

Scacchiere in legno Scacchiere in plastica. Scacchiere didattiche Tavolini con scacchiera. Elettroniche Scacchiere elettroniche per tutti i gusti e per tutte le tasche! Orologi Orologi per Scacchi digitali e meccanici. Abbonamenti Annate arretrate. The Budapest Gambit. Recensisci per primo questo articolo In this book Timothy Taylor offers an in-depth study of the Budapest Gambit and its many variations.

Using illustrative games, Taylor presents up-to-date analysis of the theory, makes recommendations on the best options for Black and White, and covers the typical plans for both sides. Aggiungi al carrello. Informazioni Aggiuntive. The Budapest Gambit is an ambitious and adventurous opening for Black, who offers a pawn as early as the second move in return for active and rapid development. It has always been a particular favourite at club level, where it still provides a surprise weapon, but it has also been utilized with success by top-class Grandmasters.

In this book Timothy Taylor offers an in-depth study of the Budapest Gambit and its many variations.

This book provides everything you need to know about this fascinating opening. Covers both the main lines and tricky deviations Highlights crucial tactical and positional ideas Packed with original analysis International Master Timothy Taylor is an experienced tournament player who has enjoyed several notable successes, including winning the US Open.

Ng6 4 Alekhine Attack vs. Part II: White plays 4.

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Bf4 6 Bf4 vs. Scrivi una recensione Solo gli utenti registrati possono scrivere recensioni.

Prodotti Correlati. Play Some openings are easier to refute than others. I never had a high opinion of the Budapest Gambit — black sacrifices a pawn and then spends time to take it back, all in order to achieve a worse pawn structure. The compensation he is theoretically promised, smooth development and some chances of an attack may have been valid in the past, but today there is no attack and the pawn structure turned out to be more important than the development.

This has a poweful effect — it prevents exchange of one pair of knights, which would help black if allowed he has less space and it also opens the 6th rank for the rook maneuver Ra6-g6 or Ra6-h6 , it attacks the Bc5, another important black piece, and it liberates the way for the f-pawn.

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Hence I have taken as a main line the move 7…Nge5, the only way black can prevent the Nd2-e4 maneuver. But life is not easy for black there either.

Exploring d4 - Budapest Gambit - GM Yasser Seirawan

Share this: Facebook Twitter. A professional player, coach and blogger. Grandmaster since You may also like. Video Update for My Najdorf Repertoire. Alex Colovic. Koen Johannes Andreas van Lankveld. Please see the notes to black's 7th move: Re8 8 Nd2 and 7…a5 8 Nd2. Abdirahman Dama.