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Universal cranes Efficiency at the highest level. Wireless control of cranes — with Demag infrared control. Interested in our cranes? Contact us! We respond fast. Chain hoists Outstanding performance and reliability. We are always up to something new! Check out our case studies to see how our solutions have helped our clients achieve their goals.

Overhead material transport.

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Rosen Group. More light in production. Light weight for more performance — also for cranes. Requirements in automated refuse incineration facilities. Maschinenfabrik Eirich. Flexibility with two levels. Highest priority on safety. PM2 Propapier. Efficient throughput in large format. MBN Holzelemente. Cranes matching robot operating cycles. SCA Sundsvall. Crane for a paper plant. Drax Power. Automated travelling crane for biomass logistics.

Becker Stahl-Service. Process solution for handling steel. Clean energy to benefit the environment. Hoher Kasten. Revolving restaurant with Demag drives in the Alps. Perfect combination. Westfalenbad Swimming Centre. Moving architectural elements for state-of-the-art swimming pool complex. A walking robotic palletising system is then fed by a 26 lane high speed sorter capable of achieving rates of cartons per hour. Integrated finished goods handling and storage The fully integrated system uses two robots, shuttle cars and pallet conveyors to send the completed pallets to the ASRS system for storage.

The mezzanine frees up sufficient space on the first floor for pallet and carton despatch, as well as infeed and outfeed of raw materials and consumer materials. All products are double scanned, first at sorting and again at palletising. If scanning fails, the goods will be sent to an end-of-line chute for manual scanning. The double scanning methodology ensures batch integrity from storage through to distribution to individuals.

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Goods-to-Person GTP picking has been around in lots of forms for years. But there has been a paradigm shift in thinking. No longer is it sufficient to lower costs, increase productivity or deliver a short ROI. These traditional drivers are taken as given. The difference today is new global attitudes to safe and ergonomic work practices, the exploding e-tailing sector, and staying ahead of rapid economic and regulatory change. In recognition of these dynamics Dematic has developed an end-to-end solution for split case picking that, until recently, was simply not possible.

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Today, greater computing power, advanced software and dramatic innovations in materials handling technology have combined to make GTP the new standard in order fulfilment. Dematic RapidPick System. Modular buffer and sequencing systems such as the Dematic Multishuttle above and RapidStore Mini-Load below arrange stock in the precise order required to enable high speed Goods-to-Person picking. Dematic RapidPick System is a high performance order fulfilment solution, which takes full advantage of the benefits of GTP making split case picking smarter, faster, safer and less fatiguing.

Engineered with modular components, the RapidPick System can be scaled up and expanded as business requirements change. The RapidPick System seamlessly integrates hardware and software to efficiently stage and transfer stock and orders quickly and accurately. This enables the order picker to work highly productively in a comfortable work environment Smarter The time wasted travelling between picks in normal distribution is eliminated with the operator staying in one place, while items are delivered to them in the precise sequence required for assembly.

Heavy items first, fragile items last, by family group or in whatever sequence needs dictate. Modular pick station configurations include one-to-one stations where a single order tote and stock tote are presented to a sole operator. One-to-multiple stations can also be used depending on throughput requirements. In these cases a single stock tote is used to fulfil multiple orders at the same time. Configurations may include any arrangement from up to or more, depending on order volumes and the type of products being handled. Faster With the stock for orders delivered directly to the operator, who only has to place the required quantity of goods to the relevant orders, very high productivity rates can be achieved.

Also, with a one second tote exchange time, the operator does not have to wait for the next item to be picked.

Product flows into the workstation smoothly and consistently ensuring high staff utilisation. More Ergonomic RapidPick workstations are designed for sustained productivity and employee comfort.

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The work platform is adjustable in order to accommodate different height operators, or even operators with a disability. Operator screens adjust for height and angle to minimise neck strain. Loads are automatically delivered to and removed from the workstation eliminating the need for operators to lift or push cartons and totes. The ergonomic design and simple, icon-driven operator touch screen allows the pick station to meet Universal Access guidelines.

Productivity and throughput can be further optimised with RapidPick System one-to-many workstations. This example shows 24 orders being picked concurrently. Dematic has developed an endto-end solution for split case picking that, until recently, was simply not possible. The RapidPick System fits into a compact footprint, typically 30 to 50 percent smaller than conventional solutions.

Both Multishuttle and Mini Load enable high cube utilisation in a high density storage configuration. As new products are introduced and market demands change, so too do order profiles. The RapidPick system easily accommodates changes.

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Single item and multi item orders are accommodated with equal efficiency. This means developing trends like smaller, more frequent orders do not compromise the productivity of the RapidPick System. Dematic buffering and sequencing technology is made up of modular components with the rack, the shuttles, load handling devices and software fully integrated to ensure optimum performance. Shuttles and Mini Load cranes can access loads on both sides of an aisle, single or double deep.

High Uptime and Redundancy Dematic shuttle technology has many advantages. Their simple design is engineered for high uptime with built-in redundancy. There are no batteries, chargers, or onboard computers. Easy Replenishment There are a variety of options for replenishing the buffer engine. Depending on throughput, bulk stock can be automatically delayered and decanted into totes and supplied to different buffer zones using one of our wide range of sorting options.

Replenishment is optimised and put away is automated. Pick stations can be opened and closed according to business volume on a particular shift. There is redundancy in this configuration since items can be processed at any location as the workstations are completely decoupled.

Therefore, the labour intensive tasks associated with put-away, slotting and reslotting the warehouse, and pick face replenishment are all gone, along with the complex and ongoing churn of SKU velocity analysis. Space efficiency in the warehouse is also improved with the elimination of dedicated pick faces. Accommodates SKU Proliferation If more SKUs are added or order volume increases, the RapidPick System can be easily scaled to absorb the new requirements by adding modular, space efficient Multishuttle zones and pick stations.

The need to invest in completely new systems is eliminated, as is the high cost of training and change management.