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No relation. One gets comfortable in Black Bear. Carefully edited, selected one feels - meaning, it seems, the editorial staff took the time to read manuscripts and select poems by merit and not by author or theme. Gosh, then this makes this magazine a magazine of the trenches, a workhorse for those poets on the way. This issue, issue 31 wow!

Only the editors know how much work it takes to do such a thing. Ahhh, Ave and company are the Gods. Now in the midst of the white wine and soft cheese world of poetry where your dad and mom own a building in Paris, apartment in Hong Kong and homes in New York City and Florida, where poets have trusts, new cars and houses, their underpants dry cleaned, spread liver on crackers, have someone else buy their heroin, pose for each other and write posing poems about posing things totally disconnected and unconcerned about right wrong, justice, reality, life in the US of A, the world and anything beyond their arrogant, poodle, chauffeured vain poetry world - ahh there is our our OUR Black Bear.

Thank you Black Bear. ISSN: Editor: John M. Oh HOLY! The First Hoel! A bulletin, a bullet in the head of the carp sucking at the nipples of the egomirror career carcass rotting in the hot flood of maggot crap. Lost and Found Times always has its fingers crushed in the door of glossy air brushed with ego and talk about wine pornographic poetry room.

One must write that John M. Bennett is a true trooper of the imagination.

Never satisfied with the boredom poem or poetry life in the upper class suburbs, Bennett and The Lost and Found Times provide a Circus Maximus where the dull and dim are put to the s word. If in you all find you all self at odds with the Kenyon Review and such ilk, but still lust ink, seek The Lost and Found Times , for in its humble pages resides one of the few paths through the Red Sea. Number 3, Fall Editor: Tom Blessing. Cough it up. All their contributions much good.


And there are a lot of poets I did not know. Peter Mishler and Casey Langel. Now I do. You should also. He is doing good for the poem. He spends some good sensitive and smart time choosing poems. Box , Long Beach, CA Make checks payable to Jeff Epley. Motels are not so expensive.

Charles Bukowski lived next door in San Pedro. Gerald Locklin lives in Long Beach.

Bender Magazine has a pullout chapbook by Gerald Locklin. But the poems matter.

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In seven paragraphs, two pages, Brantingham captures the confused essence of our sometimes ridiculous and truly bizarre first sexual information. Most of this we receive from our awkward parents. He does this with good, classic, direct humor. This story should be reprinted and reprinted and republished. Paul Minnesota, Press Editor Richard D. Appropriately titled the poems in this small book by Gerald Locklin spring form visual art and from art them to all about life. This is good.

Usually his poems are short and ironic. Perhaps those sarcastic and humorous poems are the ones you recall.

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However, there is another Locklin, a deeply pondering, sophisticated and plain smart Locklin, and a Locklin behind the mask of Toad and tons of cream sherry and beer. This Locklin is represented in this small book. What is this poem about: It is about: degas painting dancers preparing for their art, which is the ballet. Oh course, it is all practice, rehearsal, the unbeautiful.

So it is with writing and living. It is all unbeautiful and unglamorous, and routine. However, for a brief few seconds, the endless mundane existence of humanity and writing, sparks a few seconds perhaps one second where beauty appears and is then done. It is those seconds that Locklin explains and is so able to capture and hold for display, so that all might ponder and wonder at the power of art, and poetry, to transform our too very ordinary vapid lives into wonder.

Houff, Limited Editions Press. Peter Magliocco Editor. Box Las Vegas, NV The saying is sometimes about the old time Eisenhower period remember that nostalgic good time America? And I figured as much.

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There are places to get a hair cut that are no longer there. There is walkin to school. There is finding stuff on the railroad tracks. There are uncles who feed you and buy you beers. There are the rules of the poor: Never rob the people from your own depressed hood; Always take care of those less fortunate; Always hit the rich hoods and leave posthaste….

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You get it. It is not just the puking after beer. It is all the black and white starving. All of it. Well, then, also Houff includes a few recipe poems. I think always of recipes as poems, but Houff here is able to pull it off with art. Cheers to him for taking this form under his wing. To round it all off there is an interview with Houff by Holly Day. Find them. Usual price. These poems are part of the archive of material left by Charles Bukowski for publication after his death.

Reading Charles Bukowski now almost seven years beyond his death can only be compared to drinking many good good bottles of aged red French wine. Or are there other things to compare with the experience? Is that too corny? I suppose. What can one write? It is like seeing a giraffe kiss an anteater? Imagine their purple tongues coiling about. It is like exploring the oceans of Europa? Ah the radiation mirco-waving my skin. How to review a giant? It is the problem the Lilliputians had with Gulliver.

Nevertheless, Bukowski has immense posthumous power.