Out of the Shadows (The Shadow Walker Book 2)

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Queen of Air and Darkness. The Last Hours. The Eldest Curses. The Red Scrolls of Magic. The Lost Book of the White. The Black Volume of the Dead. What Really Happened in Peru. Saving Raphael Santiago. The Runaway Queen. The Fall of the Hotel Dumort. Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale.

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What to Buy the Shadowhunter The Midnight Heir. The Rise of the Hotel Dumort. The Voicemail of Magnus Bane. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy.

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Pale Kings and Princes. The Lost Herondale. Bitter of Tongue. The Whitechapel Fiend. Nothing but Shadows. Born to Endless Night.

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The Evil We Love. Angels Twice Descending. Cast Long Shadows. Every Exquisite Thing. Through Blood, Through Fire. The third book in Allyson James' Stormwalker series opened with a bang. Janet and Nash end up in a sinkhole with no way to get out, but it's Mick to the rescue. The plot was a little slow after this first incident, but really picked up when the Mick storyline began. This book focuses heavily on Mick and Janet's feelings for one another. I like that Janet realized the true depth of her love and that Mick finally opened himself up fully to her. It was good to see their relationship progress.

The storyline was a little shaky at times, but it was such fun that I just went with it. I am interested to See All Buying Options. With fast-paced scenes, characters to feel for and a rocky romance, this is a fantasy to pick up and get lost in. Charlie is a witch and a top enforcer in a type of police force, but when a bust goes bad and her friends die, she struggles to gain her footing again.

Out of the Shadows : Book 2 of the Shadow Walker Trilogy

When the chance to catch her team's murderer arises, she can't turn it down. Not only does it mean putting her own life in the line as she hunts down the dangerous enemy, but she's forced to face her own past and the life-time bond to a sexy demon she's been trying to ignore. The first page already draws into action pure and continues down this stream the entire way through. Charlie lives a dangerous life, but she's no push-over. Her strong and powerful exterior is inspiring, while her own self-doubt and problems with denial make her hard not Lost in Shadow: Shadow Walkers Book 1.

I just finished Lost In Shadows. I enjoyed getting to know Colin and Emily. I must say this book was a surprise. I initially started the book because the cover intrigued me. I could not imagine what this story might be about.

I thought maybe ghosts? It turned out I was right but it was a lot more than that. Colin has been cursed to exist in the shadows for hundreds of years forced to relive his death once a year with only a vague hope of being released from his tormented non life. Emily is a young woman who has had a near death experience that enables her to see what lurks in the shadows. Running away from the man who nearly killed her. She comes to Scotland with her best friend Kat to take in all the sites and flavor of Edinburgh. Touring haunted castles is just Yet another wonderful read in the series of walkers run.

They become fast friends with you as you go on their journeys. I was sent this book to beta read. Block has again written a romantic Christmas story.

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She has a great ability to describe strong characters in a fast paced story line. Will a long-time friendship be shattered by jealousy? Can Aleksei and Sheridan survive the deception in their relationship? Block again has the ability to introduce new characters to the established paranormal world with a surprise at the end. Desired by Shadow: Shadow Walkers Book 2.

Now she has a steady job as a waitress and a small apartment she shares with her friend Josh. She is happy to have it until she is betrayed by someone close to her. She is kidnapped off the streets and thrown into a world of fear and violence. There is no escape so she does what she is told and survives.

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She is a shadow walker finder. She is one of few who can see them. When the ones that hold her captive believe she is no longer useful and decide to kill her, she is forced to put her plan of escape into action. Need more! They may be passing through, or someone who will have an impact forever.

For there is no forgiveness waiting for me.