One Hundred Tales From The Five Majesties

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Nimmo was a brilliant engineer but his correspondence in the National Archives with the Post Office and Dublin Castle show a repeated weakness when it came to accounting for monies spend and keeping the project on budget. Rock was quarried locally from the cliffs above the Harbour and a little further away above the Flat Rocks. It was then moved down to the pier on a railway.

Stone had to be blasted and then cut by hand.

It was subsequently used in other projects in Ireland, particularly the Wellesley Bridge in Limerick which he designed. George Halpin who designed the lighthouse was one of the great men in Irish lighthouse history responsible for many others around the country.

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The design is of a fluted Doric column of which there is only one other in Ireland — the Haulbowline Lighthouse — in Carlingford Lough. Steam ships with greater strength and reliability were already in service. By the first steam ship on the Irish Sea travelled between the Clyde and the Mersey and a paddle steamer between Carrick on Suir and Waterford was in service. The Post Office built its own steam ships for the mails and went into service from Holyhead in , Dover in and Milford Haven to Dunmore in As the steamers became more powerful they had no difficulty making the passage upriver to the extensive quays in Waterford and its concentration of merchants and mail coach connections.

by Ian Fleming

Dunmore harbour changed from a packet station to a fishing port as the 19 th century progressed. In more recent times it has undergone extensive re-modelling as excavations and infill have taken place. My thanks again to Roy for this great addition to the blog and an insight into the making of Dunmore harbour. If anyone reading this has a blog that they would like to submit for consideration they can email me at tidesntales gmail.

The blog should relate to the areas maritime heritage be words approximately. Lovely to read an abridged version of the history of the harbour. All the important points are here and added information for further reading.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Italian Popular Tales, by Thomas Frederick Crane

Your blogs are a pleasure and a treasure,thank you. The man who was a highway robber at night was a businessman during the day, and when the man he robbed recognized and confronted him, the robber shot him in the head and rode away. Seven robbers once attacked a mail coach, and a policeman shot three of them dead. But he was then shot by the other four when his weapon failed to go off. After that, the robbers were able to rob the coach without being disturbed. Even our fearless leader, the mayor of London, was attacked in front of his whole entourage by a single highway robber.

In the London jails, prisoners fought with their guards, and the guards opened fire on the prisoners.


Thieves stole necklaces with diamond crosses off the necks of lords at court. Soldiers entered the St.

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Giles house looking for stolen goods, and the mob opened fire on them, so they fired back, and no one thought any of these events the least bit unusual. Other stories and formats are available from Roy Glashan's Library. Additional stories, under the headings listed below, may be available from Roy Glashan's Library.

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