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A short time later, when they reached the refugee camp on the Chotla river, the group saw a supposed priest condemning a mentally challenged woman, claiming she was a witch and in cahoots with the supposed vampire in the area. Realizing she was just a scapegoat, Geralt, Zoltan, and Milva stated they'd do a trial of ordeal in their specialties, but the priest demanded instead an impossible trial to prove theirs and the woman's innocence: to remove one of the horseshoes out of the fire and bring it over to the priest and, if they bore no burn marks, they were innocent.

Before they could figure out a plan, Regis strode forward, removed one and calmly held it out, revealing no burn marks.

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However the priest, instead of claiming they were innocent, began to claim it was black magic. Before anything else could happen though, an alarm was cried that Nilfgaardian troops were approaching and everyone scattered. Being a vampire, Regis was able to hide and saw that Geralt and Dandelion had been taken to Fort Armeria to be executed by a vengeful commander. He then sought out Milva, who'd escaped and now had a new comrade, Cahir , in tow. After explaining the situation, he sent the two to wait at a designated spot for Geralt while he himself went into the camp to get them out, using his abilities to put the sentries to sleep undetected and releasing the witcher and bard.

However Geralt, who now realized what Regis was, thanked him for the rescue but warned Regis it was best if they didn't see each other again. However, Dandelion was wounded in their escape and so the vampire appeared again once they made it to the designated spot to bandage the wounds, ignoring Geralt's drawn sword at his throat. After he finished, Geralt demanded he leave, revealing to the rest that Regis was a vampire.

When Regis pushed the witcher about if he ever planned to kill him down the road, Geralt eventually revealed it was unlikely he'd take a contract on Regis if there was one as he doubted "anyone could afford it". Thanking the witcher, Regis then left. Later that day though, when the group had traveled a fair distance and started to set up camp to rest, Regis appeared once more, explaining he was there to change Dandelion's bandages, but ended up in a deep conversation with a sulking Geralt, who wished to continue the journey alone.

Afterwards, the vampire went and helped the others prepare dinner and, when the conversation turned to finding Ciri, as they now knew she wasn't in Nilfgaard, Regis suggested to visit Caed Dhu , a druids ' circle, as he knew someone there with knowledge about children of destiny. With no better option, the group agreed and set out. On the way, the others, while having accepted him as a companion, still had a lot of questions and thus Regis began to answer, explaining his earlier years as to why he didn't drink blood anymore and they had nothing to fear from him.

He then went on to dispel several myths, like people believing vampires needed to drink to survive or that people could be turned into vampires from being bitten. A few days later, Milva talked to him in private, asking for him to make her a concoction that'd abort her pregnancy. While Milva went to be alone, Regis talked with the others, who essentially confirmed it was Milva's choice.

However, after Geralt talked with Milva about other things, the archer decided to keep the baby. Afterwards, Geralt talked with Regis privately and decided instead of cutting through the dangerous Ysgith swamp, they'd try to make their way to the other side of the Yaruga then cross back at a closer point.

Initially it started out fine and they soon found a ferryboat, but quickly found themselves between Rivian guerrillas and Nilfgaardians on each bank as they sailed down the river. In the middle of the fighting Milva was struck by a crossbow bolt and Regis quickly got her onto land but she was miscarrying and had to be operated on. The group later crossed the Yaruga and, through a turn of events, made their way to the Slopes, hoping to find the druids there. However, they were informed the druids moved even further south, to Caed Myrkvid.

To top it off, while in Riedbrune , the prefect, Fulko Artevelde , "asked" Geralt to deal with the Nightingale gang under threat of telling his superiors what the group was really up to. Despite Regis asking the witcher not to jump to conclusions, later when they set up camp Geralt accused Cahir of being a traitor, leading to the two punching each other before Milva broke it up. Regis sent the group to cross into Toussaint, with the idea that at least the Nilfgaardians wouldn't cross due to the duchy's autonomy, while he sought out the other two.

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Now in October, the group reached Toussaint to learn that Dandelion had not been exaggerating that Duchess Anna Henrietta was very fond of him and she warmly welcomed Geralt's company to her duchy and allowed them to stay in Beauclair Palace , including having them invited to festivals and balls. At one such function, Geralt pretended Regis was a count and so the vampire was seated between two countesses and where he kept the whole table entertained with his vast array of knowledge.

However, to Geralt's amusement, Regis also falsely stated that silver and garlic could hurt vampires to the table. When Geralt became involved with the visiting mage Fringilla Vigo and thus the group ended up staying far longer than intended, Regis, who knew there was a succubus in the city, soon started up a romantic relationship with her, even though he knew she was also involved with many other men in the area. He also acted as the voice of reason, keeping the rest from arguing amongst themselves as they waited for Geralt to start traveling once more.

The sorceress and the vampire then debated back and forth, with Fringilla claiming she'd helped Geralt more than the group and he wouldn't dare leave her, to which Regis responded that she was wrong and right now Geralt was merely in a dream state, but would soon wake up to reality and eventually continue his travels to find Ciri.

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Regis' words soon became reality when, early the next morning, Geralt hastily returned from his contract and told everyone to be ready to head out within the hour, having overheard a conversation that told him exactly where to find Vilgefortz , and likely Ciri. The group then made their way through several mountain passes, enduring blizzards and, at one point, spotting horse tracks that started out of nowhere and ended just as quickly, before they finally reached Stygga Castle a couple months later.

Once there, Regis used his abilities to sneak in and have the gates raised, allowing the rest of the company in. As they fought their way through the castle, Regis flew off to scout around and soon found Ciri under attack and quickly dispatched the men before making his presence known by biting and drinking from one of the attackers.

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However, Ciri ordered the vampire to go and warn Geralt that Vilgefortz was there while she went to go find Yennefer , who was also imprisoned somewhere in the castle. After relaying this information to the witcher, Geralt then sent Regis to try and also find Yennefer. Regis later came to Geralt and Yennefer's aid as they fought against Vilgefortz and, just as Vilgefortz was about to kill Yennefer, Regis flew in and attacked the distracted mage. However, the mage had a weapon for every opponent and literally ripped the vampire apart before Geralt could stop him, and proceeded to melt Regis and the column he was against into little more than a lump.

Regis plays a major role in the Blood and Wine expansion as he has a vested interest in seeing why Dettlaff has been killing prominent members of the court. Regis feels that he owes Dettlaff an immense debt as Dettlaff helped to regenerate Regis after Vilgefortz had seemingly killed him, an act which as explained by Regis was "no small undertaking" as Dettlaff took on the burden of regenerating at great expense to himself in terms of time, energy and blood.

During Geralt's first confrontation with Detlaff, they are interrupted by Regis who appears and puts himself between them in order to prevent any further injury. Due to the age and listed nature of the building, we are only able to offer wheelchair access to Auditoriums 2,3 and 4. Please do not hesitate to talk to a member of our team for any further information.

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