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Genevieve, who I am living with, said it was the only the third time she had seen it snow in Nice in 40 years, and never before for more than one day.

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I got by though, and the rain and cold have continued on. I think it was also the feeling of being displaced and totally out of my comfort zone. I was trying to get myself settled in … but it was really hard finding everything and working out the French names for what I was looking for and where it was located. Those bloody 5 flights of huge stairs were killing me … or maybe they were making me stronger? It really hurt and I was so puffed by the time I got to the top. I swore that I will be doing them easily by the time I leave here. Pain, when you walk, is pretty depressing on its own and just brings you down.

Yes, sure I have some help and advice and I am very grateful for that, but, basically, I still have to work everything out for myself. I am the only one responsible and there is no-one I can depend on to do what I need to do.

For me, the important thing was to allow myself to feel what I was feeling. I am a very positive and optimistic person, but sometimes life just gets me down somewhat and I doubt myself. I am human. It was important to allow those feelings and recognize them as being valid for where I was at and what I have been going through. The critical thing when feeling down like this is to feel it, process it and then move through it and let it go. It is how quickly you move through and let go of tough or bad feelings to get to a happier place that makes a huge difference in our lives and happy we feel.

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Being positive and up every minute of every day is not human I think unless you are super enlightened and living totally in your spirit. We are all spirits living a human existence and human lives have ups and downs. Our goal is to have as many up days as we can, and as few down days as possible, although they do create a balance in our lives. You can download the Get Real Mindfulness Ritual as a method for helping you with this process.

For more on how I analyzed these feelings see my next blog. Good luck with moving through your tough days. I am a high-energy rebel who is ready to take big risks to achieve grandiose goals.

Like, up and leaving my life, lover, family, friends and my beloved cat, Maya, in Melbourne, Australia to go live in France … because it had been my dream for many years. That journey, Living the Vision, is what this blog site is about. I also love delivering inspirational keynote speeches and workshops. As a professionally trained actor, I share with my audiences and students all the tools they need to succeed in life, with entertainment and humor.

It's not all sunshine and roses

Follow Me! My second week here was pretty tough.

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I was so very tired and unmotivated to do anything much … …and then felt guilty because I had no motivation. The weather has been really bad for Nice.

Travel Fatigue, Loneliness, etc

Similar translations Similar translations for "it's not all roses" in Dutch. IT noun. Dutch IT. Dutch eraan daaraan 't erheen. Dutch het.

Dutch eraan daaraan erheen er Dutch al allemaal alles heel hele allerlei allen totaal al de allerhande gans de ganse dag de hele Dutch al helemaal. Dutch zich helemaal. Dutch alle al. Dutch rozen. Dutch roze rozet roos rozenstruik. Dutch roze rooskleurig rozig roosgekleurd. Context sentences Context sentences for "it's not all roses" in Dutch These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.