How To Pray When He Doesnt Believe

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Sometimes, though, he'd get angry and yell, "Stop with all the Jesus stuff!

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Once in a while he'd get a pained look on his face and say he wanted his "old wife" back — Jesus-free. Soon we were at odds with each other. I blamed any and all our marital problems on his unsaved status. After all, if we were both Christians, life would be "happy-ever-after. I tried even harder: blasting my Christian music and scattering opened Bibles around the house; crying and pleading with him to go to church with me.

Sometimes, Barry would go. But instead of enjoying him next to me in church, I'd sit there chewing nervously on the end of my pen, praying madly that this would be The Day. Afterwards, I'd quiz him in the car, "What did you think of the sermon?

You Believe In Your Mind

Did you like the music? Why couldn't he see his need for Christ? I'd fume. Then Barry, sensing my disappointment, would pat my shoulder and say, "Look, I believe in God, but not in the same way you do. Then something unexpected happened. I'd been reading a book about intercessory prayer when I had a sudden flash of insight. I told myself, That's it! I'm going to pray for Barry for the next 80 years, if that's what it takes. And I'm going to love him. That was 25 years ago — and I'm still praying and loving.

When You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love Christ

But I'm no longer pining away in self-absorbed isolation waiting desperately for my husband's salvation to bring marital fulfillment. Instead, I've decided that if it takes 80 years, then I want those years to be as enjoyable as possible for the both of us, despite our spiritual differences.

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  6. After all, two following God together made more sense than one. But I now know God never makes mistakes. Since I'd been an unbeliever when we married, I hadn't willfully disobeyed God by marrying Barry.

    30 Day Prayer Challenge for Your Husband

    My situation is by God's sovereign design. Reminding myself of that enables me to relax my spiritual chokehold on Barry.

    How do you encourage a Pastor who doesn't believe his prayers are being answered or listened to?

    The way I see it, God has a plan for each life. And no matter how hard I try, I cannot transform someone else's heart. I can't coerce, sweet-talk, or plead my husband into being a Christian. In fact, when I do try, it only drives him away — sometimes literally. If I start nagging him, he'll get in his truck and drive for hours.

    I decided long ago to accept that it's God's job to change hearts. That decision frees me to pursue my relationship with God without the added burden of having to bring my husband to faith.

    Why won't God answer my cries for help? - The Christian Index

    All I have to do is love and enjoy him. That's God's plan for me, and he gives me all the grace I need to accomplish it. That doesn't mean I'm not lonely at times or that I do everything right.

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    The other day I grabbed Barry by the shirt and yelled, "Don't you see Christ in me? It helps to remember that Barry's not my enemy; he's my husband. I'm just as much a sinner as he is — maybe more so because I have the power to say no to sin and often don't. I don't understand why God does what He does. We have two daughters who don't have the role model of a Christian husband and father. I used to worry about that. As it's turned out, each daughter gave her life to Christ as a preschooler.

    Alison, now married, lives out her faith with a believing husband, while Laura's going through a time of teenage rebellion — but even that's in God's hands. As evidenced throughout the Bible, God is in the habit of saving families. That gives me great hope. Even so, sometimes I get discouraged. Sometimes I sit in my brown armchair and question whether God even hears my prayers. Unanswered prayers can be a major problem for people at any age, even shaking the faith of mature and seasoned Christians like C.

    Lewis who witnessed the love of his life die from bone cancer despite the pleas for healing! As Christians, we believe God answers our prayers! Did the unanswered prayers turn Somerset Maugham and George Orwell into atheists? I think not.

    Although they both had troubled childhoods, they both went on to become famous writers. And as adults, they knew that the God as revealed in Christianity is not a genie in a lamp who will do exactly what we want if we have enough faith to rub the lamp via prayer. Therefore, what he wrote about prayer in several classic books has remained engraved on my mind, soul, and heart. He wrote:. In how many instances has faith been lastingly injured because preachers have assured people that every prayer is granted according to ardent and sincere desire!

    The answer is not forthcoming and faith fails. Jesus never made any such unqualified promise.

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    Let us keep in mind that what we think we need must be balanced by God with what He knows we need. With this thought firmly in mind we will do well to review one of the most profound-yet-practical prayers I have ever encountered. Please prayerfully read this prayer by John Baillie:. Teach me, O God, so to use all the circumstances of my life today that they may bring forth in me the fruits of holiness rather than the fruits of sin.