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The Girl Next Door is a Stock Character often as a potential Love Interest for the male protagonist who is open, approachable, unassuming, and nonthreatening: the girl he thinks of as his best friend, his childhood pal, even just One of the Boys. She'll usually embody a " wholesome " sort of femininity, and she's rarely the promiscuous sort, though she might act as a foil to a woman who is. Since the trope is more about her down-to-earth personality, she doesn't necessarily have to be plain, but she's generally a small-time beauty; the prettiest girl at church, the sassy yet single waitress , or the uncombed but comely Farmer's Daughter.

She will always be easy to talk to and usually a good listener. But she also tends to be frank with her opinions and expects the same in return. In a Betty and Veronica duo, she's the "Betty". As such, her disposition ranges from even-tempered to boisterous , and if she's a looker, she usually doesn't flaunt it. That isn't to say she wouldn't make a good girlfriend, but she won't advertise that fact like Ms.

Fanservice will. Girls of this nature will often appear in Harems , usually as the inevitably Unlucky Childhood Friend of the protagonist, or the less flashy option in a Love Triangle. In non-romantic stories, she'll either be best friends with one of the others, or she may be the Cool Big Sis.

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Often overlaps with One of the Boys. Contrast with Hello, Nurse! For the film, see The Girl Next Door. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The fashion industry is forever caught between the ideal of maximum glamour and idealised beauty on the one hand, and on the other hand the need to sell stuff to, well, real people.

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One solution is to employ models with allegedly "Girl Next Door" looks; it's said that this becomes more widespread during economic recessions, when the industry is less inclined to take chances. Of course, these tend to be unusually slim, poised Girls Next Door, with perfect complexions. American TV commercials have had a whole recent trend of "Girl Next Door customer service rep deals humorously with wacky customers" ads. There is an unusual example in Welcome to the N.

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Misaki Nakahara is a literal Girl Next Door whose innocence and rather plain beauty is, at first, an integral part of her relationship with Satou, combining this trope with Manic Pixie Dream Girl. However, both tropes become subverted when she is slowly revealed to exhibit nearly every symptom of a textbook case of Borderline Personality Disorder, including extreme self-esteem issues, self-harm, skewed social perspective, and an unhealthy suicidally so obsession with Satou. Variable Geo : Satomi is the 'plainest' looking girl among the cast, having short mussy hair and a Beauty Mark on her left cheek.

She's also shown to be honest and a hard worker, having two jobs to support herself and her kid brother. Kosaki Onodera in Nisekoi. While the rest of the haremettes are gangsters and the daughter of the police chief, Kosaki is just an ordinary girl who works in her family's bakery. Highschool of the Dead : While the other female leads are meant to cater to different fetishes, Rei's look and her mannerism invokes a tomboy quality, befitting the "childhood friend" type.

Though she has to compete with Saeko for Takashi's affections.

Bleach : Tatsuki gets mistaken for a boy sometimes, since her hair is short , but she's most definitely a girl. Chizuru even said she'd probably hit on Tatsuki, IF she weren't such a tomboy. Orihime and Tatsuki's other school friends count too: Michiru is the cute and homey kind, Mahana is the more active and tomboyish type, and Kunieda is the smart and quiet Cute Bookworm. School Rumble : Mikoto's a looker, but she's basically one of the guys.

So her attractiveness stems more from her chest , since most guys are intimidated by her height and athleticism. And, in School Rumble Z , it's revealed that she eventually married Hanai. As the Distaff Counterpart to the main character Tadakuni , you might expect her as this for Toshiyuki Karasawa. While her current personality would suggests this, she was formerly the most feared bully in elemental school and was responsible for Karasawa's scar on his head.

Despite being a Nice Girl nowadays mostly , all boys including Karasawa still fear her and they would pay her or her friends money rather than dating her. Funnily enough, Habara believes that Karasawa is in love with her, delusional about the fact that he obviously hates her. As a Running Gag, Hinata keeps running into his new neighbor while she's changing clothes in her room.

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Queue the simultaneous screams. In Endride , Alicia is Emilio's childhood friend who was always sneaking into the palace to play while they were growing up.

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She's the nice, wholesome sort, always ready to listen, and has some romantic interest in Emilio, but holds off on pursuing it since she's not sure it's reciprocated. So, I Can't Play H! She's been neighbors and schoolmates with Ryosuke since childhood.

And, while she's undeniably attractive, she feels plain compared to other girls; especially if it's Lisara. Comic Books. For his part, humble everyteen Archie is this in comparison to the wealthier and more athletic Reggie Mantle or the goofy comic relief Jughead. Played with in regard to Gwen Stacy of Spider-Man. As portrayed in the comics, Gwen was more of an exotic flower whom Peter only met after he left Forest Hill and "went out into the world", i. Manhattan and college. She came from an upper-class background, her first boyfriend, Harry, was the son of a millionaire and in her first appearance she was introduced as a high-school beauty queen.

However, as she became the Betty to Mary Jane's Veronica, she moved into this category. MJ herself became literally this Trope in the Ultimate universe, having lived next door to the Parkers since she was a little girl and, before their Relationship Upgrade , was the geeky best friend of an equally-as-geeky Peter. Shellie from Sin City is sassy but meek enough to qualify. In Astro City , the Silver Agent explicitly describes his first girlfriend as this.

He broke off with her because he was sterile, but told her It's Not You, It's My Enemies because she would have tried to stifle her dreams for him. The film The Girl Next Door clearly subverts this trope, as said girl is a retired porn actress played by Elisha Cuthbert. The main character only discovers this after they start dating, and it leads to a temporary rift in their relationship. Still, since she's basically a Hooker with a Heart of Gold , they get back together at the end. Andy from The Devil Wears Prada was meant to be the kind of girl you could run into on the subway.

They're kinda pathetic - so you want to cheer them up. Beth Murphy wants a good man and a husband. Mary is a romantic who has been hiding behind technology. Julie from Flipped is such a friendly neighbor that she regularly gives Bryce her chicken's eggs for his family. She eventually ends up with her boy next door. Wes Craven noted he cast the actress specifically because of her accessible, wholesome appeal. Mary, the protagonist of the movie Saved! This is meant to show Mary as genuinely filled with the Christian spirit of compassion, in order to contrast Mary with her Alpha Bitch rival, who attends the same Christian school environment as her but is hypocritical about being "filled with Christ's love".

Faline comes off as this in Bambi II , not being nearly as hyperactive as she was as a fawn in the first film. Spanking the Monkey : Toni is this to Ray, being a sweet and approachable girl from the neighborhood who is the only real person he can talk to aside from his mother.

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For Cassie from Animorphs , high fashion is socks that actually match for once.