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Crafts Antiques Musical Instruments 5. Baby 3. Coins 2. Sporting Goods 1. Format see all Format. All listings filter applied. Buy it now. Condition see all Condition. Used 1. Please provide a valid price range. Item location see all Item location. Claire now stands accused of libel and finds herself locked in a legal battle against the very community she once called home. Can Claire defend the truth of her words while still protecting the privacy of the woman she once loved?

And perhaps still does? What would happen if your regular, ordinary, safe, everyday existence suddenly became…not any of those things? World famous actress, Abigail Taylor, is in Melbourne filming her new movie, and is accompanied by her nine year old daughter, Grace, because Abigail wants her to experience an Australian education for three months. Sam has never met anyone like Abigail Taylor, and she starts to realise that her ordinary life might actually be missing something extraordinary.

Her life is thrust into turmoil between caring for Emma, her seven-year old handicapped child, and working hard to make ends meet. Finding that one special person only happens in dreams. Leaving her old job and moving halfway across the country were the scariest things Kat Anderson had ever done. Starting a new life and career takes priority over any foolish notion of a fairy-tale future of romance and love. Can Kat juggle love and duty to find her Happy Ever After? Welcome back to Garriety, the town with an open heart, and home to some of the quirky and warm characters from Add Romance and Mix.

Bass player Jackie Hernandez has landed a permanent gig with the respected all-female rock band The Neon Fishnets.

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Jackie is ready to put the feud behind them, but fiery Ivy holds a grudge. Amid recording a hot new album, spending late nights out at wild parties, and navigating the media as they prepare to go on tour, Jackie and Ivy realize they have more in common than they originally thought. And things get really complicated when their attraction to one another heats up, taking an unexpected, sexy turn. Alex Cortez is accomplished at two things, fixing broken equipment and pleasuring women.

She is happily doing both at the Ranch in Nevada until she involves herself in a domestic dispute between one of her clients and her abusive husband. Now Alex finds herself on the run…again.

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Danna Nichols, newly widowed, feels lost and alone. When her good friend Lindy invites her to check out the newly established Trophy Wives Club, it awakens dormant feelings and desires. Danna challenges herself to find out who she really is and what she wants in life and love. The two form a bond under unlikely circumstances.

Will the challenges of their social status tear them apart before they can enjoy the pleasures of their new love? As a wife in the upper echelon of New York society, she was expected to take her place among some of the wealthiest people in America. A society that judges you on your looks will ignore certain things because of the money your family possesses, which you will eventually inherit; however, certain peccadillos will never be acceptable, and as Melissa becomes Mel and begins to realize her potential, life sends her on a journey she never could have anticipated.

When Buck, the lead singer of Jems and Jamz loses her girlfriend, Olive and lead guitarist to a rival band, her life takes a drastic turn. Ziggy is charming and challenges Buck with her overall talent, creating tension between the two. Buck does her best to get along with the other woman, but when the Ziggy threatens her spot on vocals, tempers flare.

Coming home is never easy, and when Kaitlin arrives back in Caysher, she finds a different place than the one they left. Illness has ravaged the community, and Berran is doing her best to keep things together. In the end, it will be destiny that will decide if their hearts will meet. When a mix-up lands her a job at a high-profile law firm, Emma is determined to meet this new challenge head-on.

As beautiful as she is ruthless, Lillian has worked hard to build a reputation for herself that commands respect from everyone she meets. Soon, the two women are embroiled in a scorching-hot forbidden affair that threatens to consume them both. While both women grapple with their unexpected feelings toward each other, things at the office start to unravel.

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To make matters more complicated, Hannah has been steadfastly ignoring the obvious truth that Rosie is intellectually gifted and wise beyond her years. Will they be able to compromise? Will Hannah finally open up to someone about her own damaged up bringing? Viva Jones was great once. A top 10 tennis player with a grand slam trophy to her name, she had the world at her feet. While battling to return to the game she loves, a chance meeting with the lineswoman, Gabriela, forces Viva to rethink the past…and the present.

Away from the court, Gabriela is sexy, athletic, and lives for her career as an umpire. She seems to be falling for Viva as hard and fast as Viva is for her. Denver detective Jake McCoy is trying to recover — both physically and emotionally — from the shooting death of a young boy that also left her injured. She soon finds herself rehabbing at her cabin in the mountains, soaking in the remote natural springs — which is exactly where psychologist Nicole Westbrook vacations and soon stumbles across her….

When Nicole leaves the next day, the two women know little more about the other than her first name — yet they are now lovers instead of strangers. When Jake returns to Denver, a serial murder investigation soon leads her to Nicole. As the investigation develops, their physical attraction threatens to compromise the case. Once the crimes are solved, will the women go their separate ways?

Or will the physical attraction and the gentle tug of love prove that opposites do attract…. A sweet, lesbian romance about growing something unexpected and wonderful from the roots up. Yorkshire anatomy lecturer Ruby Clark considers her life low-maintenance.

That, and living down the stigma that follows her when people find out. Can they ever find common ground?

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Jamie has been there for her through everything. Living in California for eight years, Charlie Miller has been able to live authentically, but being back in her small Maryland hometown with her conservative family means going back into the closet. Four years ago, Lara Spellmeyer left her small-town life in Perry, Oklahoma, to pursue her dream of starting a cat sweater business. The only bright spots are Tight Knit, the knitting circle she starts with her friends, and Kerry, the charming young woman her best friend sets her up with.

How could this possibly end well? Amber Knight grows up in an abusive home in Eagle Peak. Circumstances cause her to leave in the middle of the night and leave behind everyone she was close to, including her mother and friends. And most importantly, the love of her life, Nicole Brooks. Ten years later, Amber is offered a place in an art show. Unfortunately for Amber, two of the pictures chosen are from her time in Eagle Peak. Amber must return to get release forms signed to show the photos.

While back in Eagle Peak, Amber must face her past and those she left behind. Will they accept her reasons for leaving? Will they still be friends? What will happen when the past meets the present? After wandering aimlessly for years through the South Seas, tanned, athletic, and wealthy Kate Brighton returns home on a sailboat bound for Seattle. Deciding to explore, she strides across the small Olympic Peninsula town, pausing for breakfast at a rustic coffee shop called The Little Red Barn.

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Angie, her curvaceous server, sports a long auburn braid and shining, dark brown eyes. Feeling a familiar tingle of desire, Kate considers checking out this stunning young barista, hoping she is a lesbian. First Kate must look up her friend, Marianne, a Cornell University grad student when undergrad Kate was swimming competitively. Soon Kate discovers that things have changed radically: while she has been wandering the globe having fun, Marianne has survived an auto-accident and is confined to a wheelchair. Her caring partner, Jake Summers, crafts furniture and art objects while watching out for Marianne.

Impulsively, Kate decides to stay in Sequim for a while. She returns to the coffee bar; Angie seems very happy to see her. Kate shortly learns that the barista is a lesbian but has two young children. Having limited experience with kids, Kate wonders how to woo this charming woman.