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Finders Keepers Problem Explanation We need to return the element from an array that passes a function. Hints Hint 1 We need to return the element from an array that passes a function. Hint 2 num is passed to the function. Hint 3 Do not forget, if none of the numbers in the array pass the test, it should return undefined. It could, in fact, have succeeded as a stand alone thriller, far away from the multiverse expanding around Bill Hodges. The best part of Finders Keepers comes within its first section.

In two alternating storylines, one starting in , the other in , King builds a clever back-story that had me absolutely on the hook. In , a psychopathic literature fan named Morris Bellamy breaks into the home of the reclusive and retired author, John Rothstein.

Rothstein is reputed to have a trove of unpublished material, including sequels to his Runner books. Morris steals this paper treasure from Rothstein, deals with his accomplices, and then buries a chest full of Moleskine journals while he tries to figure out what to do with his haul. Meanwhile, in , we meet Tom Sauber, who is about to go to the job fair at City Center.

He is injured by Brady Hartsfield, a. Injured and out of work, in the midst of the Great Recession, the Sauber family tries to hold together. King has always had a frighteningly good ability to deconstruct a family. With incredible economy, King traces every fracture and fault line, viewing most of the collapse through the eyes of young Peter. One day, Peter, who is also a John Rothstein super-fan, goes out back behind his house, which was also once the house of Morris Bellamy.

He finds the manuscripts buried in the backyard.

I absolutely loved the opening sequences, the toggling back and forth, the excruciating and precise tracing of shattered psyches and splintered families. To me, this was a master-class of writing. King uses it as buildup, but it stands alone as its own story.

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It is some of the best writing King has done. And it is followed by some of the worst. Strange, but not unwelcome. To me, the retired detective is one-half stereotype, one-half bad decisions. When we meet him, he is running a skip tracing firm called Finders Keepers, dedicated to locating people who have gone underground.

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The crew he gathered in Mr. Suffice to say, it does not make sense to call Hodges, except that the novel is putatively about Hodges. So, Hodges gets the call. I will freely admit that I am a bit fixated on this turn of events. This shoehorning of Hodges, Holly, and Jerome into a perfectly good story.

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If I could have swallowed this, I probably would have enjoyed the rest of the meal. But I could not. It stuck in my throat like a big chunk of dry beef. The reason: The entire endgame is based on the premise that no one is smart enough to call If anyone, at any time, had picked up the phone, dialed three numbers that my four year-old knows by heart, and spoke to the person on the other end, all the twists, turns, and unnecessary danger is immediately averted. Yet, despite learning this exact lesson in Mr. Mercedes , Hodges refuses to make that call.

Even when he is standing at the scene of a homicide!